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Customer Stories


I have taken my 25 year old son to the ER, Urgent Care, doctor and so forth... for the price I said oh well it's worth a try! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! His forehead, his chest, his back all was covered in some kind of rash for about 3 years now. within days, just days we see a difference. All the steroids, all the creams, all the other meds did nothing! I am so happy I found your product for my son. He is so happy and says he feels "normal" again! Thank you! - Kandie H.




Hello! I thought that I should drop you a note to let you know just how thrilled I am with your product called Thyme Out. I have used it on various unknown rashes and they vanished quickly. The price is excellent and it works quickly. Also the little pump spray bottle that comes with this product makes it very handy to use. I know that I don't want to be without this product so please do not stop making it!! Sincerely, A very happy and content customer! - Larose L.




I accidentally found this product at a health food store while traveling and was thrilled to find that Amazon is carrying it!!!! I have tried so many products including creams from my dermatologist and I have not been happy for long with them. Thyme Out, however, is consistently good and aleves the symptoms, especially redness, on my face almost immediately! It is WAY cheaper than my $75.00/1 oz. cream from the dermatologist, which only works for about 1 month and then he has to switch me to another $75.00/1 oz. something or other because the 1st one stops working!!! Its easy to apply with a cotton ball. No nasty smell. No oily residue. I use it once a day unless I am having a breakout of redness/dryness/itching and then I will use it in the morning and again in the evening before bed. Excellent product! - Elaine M.



I have used this product for over a year now, on psoriasis and my grandsons eczema...really really works!!! FIVE STARS!!!!!




Natural, safe to use many times/day & fast-working! This has worked wonders on my psoriasis in my hair (without damaging it), creases of my nose and occasional acne. It has also worked wonders for my teenage son with acne. Lastly, it worked well on my 4 year old grandson with eczema. Since it is natural you can use it multiple times a day without side effects. Anyone with psoriasis knows how difficult it is to clear up those patches and this stuff does so quickly. You can see the difference (not as red and irritated) next day when you treat it about 4-5 times a day. - Tiffany S.



Amazing results for my cystic acne and my son's eczema! It's a miracle product! BTW - I hate writing reviews, but wanted to help others




This cleared up my eczema overnight!




I have had very persistent mild to medium acne/body acne for years, and like everyone else with these issues have tried everything, I mean everything. It's so frustrating when you feel like you can't wear tank tops or nice dresses, you feel like you have to hide, it really is horrible. I bought this product and have been using it on my face, neck, chest and back like a toner, every time after I wash with gentle soap for three days, and I am already 80% clear. I am very very happy with this product. The smell of Thyme dissipates almost immediately, and it feels cool and refreshing. I really feel like I have found something awesome, and that's healthy and organic with only positive side effects. Highly recommend this product. - Sarah R.




MY DOG!!!! He has never been happier. The mystery rash that the VET could NOT get rid of after spending CRAZY amounts of money was gone in 2 DAYS. 2!!!! I freaking love this product. If you have pets with rashes, hot spots, whatever, use this natural remedy and toss everything else. - Martin K.




My Rosacea is under control after only 3 days of using Thyme Out! I am completely OFF my meds now. So grateful for this product.

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